To costume or not to costume?

USC students share their take on wearing costumes all day to celebrate Halloween.

One of the quintessential parts of celebrating Halloween is dressing up in costume. However, many students on campus find it hard to dress up in the midst of midterms, homework and packed class schedules.

Ethan Quaye, who will dress up like Will Smith in the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” was not in the mood to don the costume all day long because he does not want to get it ruined before his night out.

“I don’t want to sweat in my costume… I’ll be wearing it tonight instead at an event at Nightingale,” Quaye said.

The trouble with dressing up on Halloween comes from a lack of time and too much school work. Self-proclaimed “avid Halloween fan” junior Luciana Suero said she was unable to participate this year because of school work.

“I didn’t have time to plan a costume out. I don’t even have time to dress up for Halloween later because I have class until 10 p.m.,” Suero said.

However, freshman Zoe Mehall enjoys having everyone in her classes see her costume and sees it as a big part of Halloween fun. Her costume, which she described as “ghoulish,” included special effects makeup that she did on her own, based on a makeup concept she came up with a few years ago.

“I just really like seeing people’s reaction … I just really love creeping people out,” Mehall said.

Some see Halloween as purely being something fun to celebrate all day long. Junior Jo Uraizee spent the entirety of Halloween as the boy-wizard Harry Potter from the bestselling book series. Unlike other students, Uraizee had no plans of changing her costume once the sun set.

“It’s Halloween. It’s one of the best days of the year, so why not go all out?” Uraizee said.