The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for three bomb blasts that rattled Brussels, Belgium early Tuesday morning. Reports vary on the number of people who were killed and injured, but the latest figures from the Associated Press are at least 34 dead and 190 wounded.

On Wednesday, at the Associated Press, citing a Belgian TV broadcast, identified two suspects "as Khalid and Brahim El Bakraoui."

Two of the blasts took place inside Brussels' main airport during the morning's busy period, and one took place in a metro station just blocks from the European Union headquarters. Officials found a third bomb undetonated in the airport and deactivated it. "Chemical products" and an Islamic State flag were also found in the ensuing raids, according to the AP.

The attack took place just days after Salah Abdeslam, the last surviving terrorist from the attacks in Paris, was taken into custody by Belgian authorities.

USC Annenberg Media talked to two students studying abroad in Brussels.

As of 8 a.m., Los Angeles International Airport was not reporting any delays due to the terrorist attack.

Travelers say LAX has stepped up its security. Jennifer Terrell, a Beverly Hills resident who flew from LAX to Austin this morning, said she saw a greater police presence and longer lines both in LA and Austin.

"As we were leaving the airport," Terrell said, "there were police cars parked in lines so you could see them all. And dogs, and people in uniform all over the airport as we were leaving."

Despite this, Terrell said she didn't feel uneasy on her flight. "It's probably safer today than yesterday."

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Staff Reporter Madisen Keavy contributed reporting to this story.

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