Salary cap numbers, TV ratings and all the technicalities are vital to the health of the NBA.
  • November 15
The Trojans dominated from start to finish in an 85-55 win over Loyola Marymount.
  • November 25
COVID-19 cases among the Trojan players will keep the team sidelined this weekend.
  • 6 days ago
Johnson broke records on his way to winning his first green jacket.
  • November 16
Climate change might be cause of record shark sightings
  • 3 days ago
These were the plays that determined the end of the Dodgers' championship run.
  • October 28
This Election Day, USC athletes are making their voice heard through their vote.
  • November 3
With so many international players and potential Olympians at USC, it’s uncertain how the season’s roster will come together.
  • October 19
In the last presidential debate, both candidates accuse the other of the same misdeeds: Corruption, mistreatment of immigrants, and racism.
  • October 26