The Latest Update

As much as I want sports to return to normal, it may not be the best idea right now.
  • April 20
Here are some of the things that surprised me in the first two episodes of the docuseries.
  • April 25
Boermeester was expelled from USC in 2017 after a Title IX investigation determined he engaged in intimate partner violence against his girlfriend at the time.
  • 3 days ago
From Tom Brady’s front nine struggles to the endless wisecracking, the event followed through on the hype and then some.
  • May 24
With students attending classes from home, the coronavirus pandemic has given the Trojan Family a whole other meaning.
  • May 3
Since there is no baseball to entertain you, hopefully, these picks can help you.
  • April 20
For Kaeli and Kelsey Huff, lacrosse is a family affair.
  • April 11
The Trojans will face Princeton and a host of other teams in the tournament.
  • September 26, 2019
The young team was gaining momentum before its season was cut short by COVID-19.
  • April 5