USC announces changes to the student handbook

A year after its implementation, the University handbook has received its first annual revision.

Bovard building, USC

The first revised version of the USC Student Handbook contained three distinct changes from last year’s: an expanded definition of “student,” an updated reporting protocol for student conduct records and updated requirements for registered student organizations.

In a memo to USC students, faculty and staff, Vice President for Student Life Monique S. Allard said the new changes were made “to improve efficiency and transparency.”

This group of changes is the first yearly revision to the University’s new handbook which was released on August 20, “Living Our Unifying Values: The USC Student Handbook,” following the retiring of SCampus in September 2022. Last year, the university created the new handbook to “reimagine the student conduct model at USC.”

USC Student Life elaborated in a statement on each change to Annenberg Media. The new definition of “student” is to clarify the status of people participating in summer programs. The change to reporting conduct means the Office of Community Expectations will report “permanent notations on transcript” including suspension, expulsions or revocation of degrees to graduate programs requesting transcripts. Finally, the requirements for student organizations are meant to give more direction around event planning and proper insurance.

The student handbook could be found here.