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USC Athletic Director steps down from a prominent committee

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GOLDBERG: It’s 29 minutes past the hour and these are your morning headlines.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un announced plans to travel to Russia to meet with Russian President, Vladimir Putin. This month the two leaders will discuss North Korea supplying weapons to Russia, as they continue to wage a war in Ukraine. The United States and its allies fear this meeting could open the door for a potential arms deal between the two nations.

Burning Man festivalgoers were finally free to leave the remote, music festival venue in the Nevada desert on Tuesday. Organizers banned about 72,000 festivalgoers from escaping a muddy mess due to a driving ban. The conditions trapped attendees until the mud could dry up, and when it did, a 5 mile stretch took about 7hours to drive.

The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions rallied yesterday for a contract renewal. Hundreds of healthcare workers demonstrated on Vermont Avenue for a push to increase hiring and a $25 per hour minimum wage for frontline workers. The unions have started voting on whether or not to authorize a strike if they fail to reach an agreement by the end of the current contract, which expires Sept. 30.

DRISCOLL: Jennifer Cohen steps down from the College Football Playoff committee to focus more on her new role as the USC athletics director. Utah director Mark Harlan will take her place and now has a say in which teams make the CFP. However, this news might be upsetting for some Trojans after two brutal losses to Utah last season.

All aboard! You wished upon a dream and it’s coming true. The new Disney cruise line, the Disney Treasure is set to sail on Dec. 21, 2024 with Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries. Passengers will experience the magic through new attractions with an emphasis on iconic adventure stories. Expect immersive venues at the happiest place on earth - this time in water - and thrilling activities inspired by Aladdin, Avengers, Coco and Zootopia.

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