Student DJ seeks to bring Ibiza house energy to L.A. EDM scene

The Spanish-born electronic music producer, Nico GB, has already made a name for himself in the EDM space in L.A., playing clubs across the city.

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Nico GB, a Spanish-born electronic music producer, says Martin Garrrix and Avicii were among the powerful influences that sparked his interest in the EDM scene at age of 12.

Born in Madrid, the power of electronic music surrounded him. When he moved to Atlanta, he was exposed to various music styles and began producing his own tracks, combining the energy of house music with tribal rhythms and percussion.

His unique blend of tribal, latin house and melodic techno music, heavily influenced by his Spanish heritage, has made him stand out amongst his peers in the electronic music scene. He aims to spread the “vibrant energy” of Ibiza that has been a constant in his own life to others through his music and events.

“When I was growing up, I would spend a lot of summer in Ibiza–where a lot of my family lives. I became immersed in the culture of house music,” the DJ said.

After moving to L.A. to attend USC as a communications major in the fall of 2021, GB has set his sights on becoming a prominent artist in the L.A. EDM scene. His energetic performances and skilled DJ abilities have already made a mark on the L.A. club culture, playing at venues such as Nightingale, Hyde Sunset, Vermont Hollywood, Globe Theatre and Catch One.

“Since moving to L.A., I’ve played over 25 shows,” he said. “My biggest show so far was for an audience of 1,300 people, and that was super fun.”

GB is not only interested in being in the spotlight. He has experimented with creative production and marketing strategies, such as organizing party buses to transport fans to his shows, resulting in roughly $11,000 in ticket sales in his first three months of living in L.A, all while he was still a full time student.

Collaboration has been an integral part to his success. GB has begun to work with other USC musicians and DJs to expand his network and support the school’s artist community. DJing at USC events with other students and creating music with his friends is what brings GB joy.

He is set to release his debut EDM single this summer and looks forward to engaging the USC community into the world of house music from across the globe.