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Summer Plans for Trojans

As the year closes, USC students look forward to their summer breaks.

Some students are taking it easy with fun trips and plans to go home.

Alex Chouliak is a junior majoring in Business Administration.

Alex Chouliak: I’m going to visit my family in Europe and go back home to Ukraine.

Brandon Nehorayan is a sophomore majoring in Political Science.

Brandon Nehorayan: I’m traveling with family and friends to Europe, and then I’m going to go to Israel alone and probably work.

Others are booked for this summer with back-to-back travel plans and internships, like Amrit Randenioa, a junior studying Real Estate Finance.

Amrit Randenioa: During June I start my internship and I’m just working for kind of a like a smaller tier investment firm in Koreatown.

Andie Bautista is a sophomore double majoring in Business Administration and accounting.

Andie Bautista: So I have an internship with KPMG in New York as a tax intern, so I’ll be doing that for like eight weeks of the summer and then I’ll be traveling a bunch as well.

As the school year comes to a close, getting an internship during the long break has been a hot topic, but is there too much pressure placed on pursuing one during the summer? Chouliak, thinks that there is.

Alex Chouliak : Everyone create this agenda. It’s like if you don’t have one, you’re going to graduate and fail. And so everyone around me is like, ooh, I’m, you know, working at JPMorgan, Ooh, I’m going through Morgan Stanley. And it’s like, I worked all summer last year, but like this summer I have I just want to like, I haven’t seen my family in two years, so I want to see them.

Bautista though believes summer internships are important and can be balanced with a proper break.

Bautista: you definitely need internships because that will impress future employers for like full time opportunities. But internships don’t like we get a much longer summer than in middle school and high school, so internships only take up, like, I would say like two thirds of your summer. So as long as you like, make the best use of your time, you could use the rest of those weeks to, like, enjoy it as you would in middle school.

Whether you’re staying in LA for the summer, traveling abroad or, yes, working an internship, we at Annenberg Media wish you a good summer.

Signing off for Annenberg Media, I’m Edward Huang.