Monique S. Allard announced as the new vice president for student life

Allard will transition from interim vice president to vice president for student life on April 1.

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USC alum Dr. Monique S. Allard is no stranger to Troy. After being a student and a faculty member at USC, she is now ready to open the door to her new permanent position as the vice president for student life.

“I am really excited, I am really honored, and it really is wonderful to be a part of our campus for so many years; USC is home to me,” Allard said.

The new vice president completed her master’s degree and doctorate in education at Rossier School of Education. Allard has over 25 years of experience in the realm of student affairs, albeit advising, counseling or simply giving students a voice. Additionally, she has served as an adjunct assistant professor at Rossier, as well as the senior leader in student affairs since 2013.

“I come here [to USC] every day to serve,” Allard said. “I know a lot of us are excited about future planning and really looking at how we can think critically about our systems and our programs — how they are set up as best as possible not only just for the students we have today, but for all the students who are coming to us ten years from now.”

Allard didn’t hesitate to take action during her time at USC. Prior to her new position as vice president for student life, she served as the interim vice president. Since 2021, Allard has helped put the Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards process to create the new Office of Community Expectations and Office of Academic Integrity. She also expanded student equity and inclusion programs, including the new First Generation Plus Success Center in Ronald Tutor Campus Center.

Dr. Allard has a few goals on her agenda that she looks forward to focusing on. One such goal is student well-being.

“Student well-being has been one of my top priorities for some time; it’s important for us to think about how we foster and facilitate student well-being,” Allard said. “Our students are really accomplished, but in addition to being academically accomplished, we also want all of our students to be healthy, active and engaged human beings.”

The rising vice president also mentioned her dedication to student success and strengthening the school’s partnerships because, according to Allard, the more connected we are, the better she and her team can serve the student body.

As vice president, Allard will oversee student affairs staff in addition to 20,000 undergraduate and 28,000 graduate students. Though that is a large undertaking, there is a method that Allard will employ for success.

“I try everything, I go to as much as I can and I meet with as many folks as I can,” Allard said. “I regularly stop in student organization meetings or student events because I want to be in student spaces, talk with students and hear about their experiences.”

In President Carol Folt’s press release regarding Allard’s vice presidency, she stated, “Perhaps most importantly, she [Allard] is known as an advocate whose door is always open for our students, who call her ‘Dr. A!’”

Allard will officially enter office on April 1.