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Culver City bans homeless encampments

In a 3-2 vote, the Culver City Council decided that tents and other structures will be banned. Citizens, both housed and unhoused, react to that change.

[A photo of tents on the sidewalk in Venice.]

Living in his RV, Dallas wasn’t always this fortunate. He used to live on the street in a tent but now his home is a beat-up RV.

DALLAS: I’m spending my little bit of money every month fixing it so I can take it on the road and drive. I don’t want to be stuck here. I like to travel around. Not everybody does.

And not everybody can. More than 69,000 people are said to be homeless in LA county. And with the recent LA crackdown on homelessness encampments, many homeless people have nowhere to go.

DALLAS: I don’t care what they do about it. They can’t stop homelessness. It’s just unstoppable. They can only put people in housing that want housing.

Culver City is the latest city that has followed LA’s footsteps in prohibiting people from setting up tents in public.

Monty, a security guard in Culver City, agrees with the ordinance and says something had to change.

MONTY: I disagree with the damage they caused and I agree they need shelter well, but the amount of damage caused is greater than the shelter.

But not everyone agrees with the ban. In a series of tweets, Culver City Vice Mayor McMorrin called the ordinance “horrible, cruel, and unnecessary”.

DALLAS: They can only put people in housing if they want housing.

But Culver City Councilman Dan O’Brien said “The desire on our part is that this ordinance will help give them that little extra push to accept the housing and services that we are offering,”.

The plan is to relocate the homeless people to camping sites and housing units around the state. But that won’t happen until they’re up and running.

For Annenberg Media, I’m Skye Lee.