‘How far we’ve come’: USC students react to the start of Black History Month

Students voice excitement for upcoming activities.

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USC students gathered at Tommy’s Place Wednesday to view a live stream from Carol Folt, faculty and students, kicking off Black History Month. This year’s theme is “Reclamation through Resistance, Rebirth through Reconciliation.” Here’s what students had to say:

“[I’m] really looking forward to the fact that there are so many events going on for Black History Month. I think that for campuses like USC, which are predominantly white institutions, it’s really important that we have spaces for students of different races, especially Black students, to really be able to express themselves and find a community here.” – Kymia Freeman, public relations major and member of Center for Black Cultural and Student Affairs (CBCSA)

“It’s important to celebrate Black History Month so you can always look back at how far we’ve come, you know, over all the years, through the struggles and through the good times. I felt like coming here today really gave me more insight of what it really is about.” – Terrance Phillips, architecture major

“Even though it is the shortest month, it still feels good to just be here in this space and to know that someone cares about what’s going on. As a Black man myself… it feels good to be acknowledged here at USC.” – Cassius Palacio, architecture major

“Especially coming from a predominantly white town and white school, I never really got to celebrate it a lot. So just being a part of something like this is definitely really, really special to me.” – Miles Collins, business major

“It feels really good. I came in just towards the end of the event, but this is really amazing. It’s beautiful. I love how everyone works together, puts things together. One of my close friends works with the CBCSA, so it’s just really amazing to see all of their hard work pay off and just enjoy all of the love.” –Serena Cooper, psychology major