Where do you study on campus?

Students share their favorite study spots on campus and it’s not the library.

A USC student studies.

“I really don’t like Leavey [Library], it feels like a hospital to me, so I’m not really in for that,” said Jeremi Orlowski, a sophomore majoring in business administration.

For many USC students like Orlowski, study spots such as Leavey and Doheny just don’t cut it.

Students weigh in on their favorite places to study on campus.

School of Cinematic Arts

Many students can be found studying in the SCA courtyard, seated near Coffee Bean, completing their work with a cup of coffee by their side. In addition to the popular cafe, students pointed out why they enjoy the atmosphere of the SCA courtyard.

“SCA has a nice vibe, and I’m a screenwriting minor, so it’s good for the creativity there,” said Orlowski.

Ronald Tutor Center

An outdoor area bustling with students is a great alternative for students looking for a more lively spot to study. Students can sit outside under the sun at couches and tables or opt for a seat inside where they can grab lunch from the Ronald Tutor Center.

“TTC on the fourth floor, right next to where you used to go on the balconies before they got locked just back by that red wall,” said Emmy Li, a junior majoring in psychology. “I feel like usually, people don’t pass by it too much, so it’s pretty quiet if I need to get work done, but it’s also not dead silent.”

Wallis Annenberg Hall (New Annenberg)

A popular study space among students, Wallis Annenberg Hall houses Cafe Annenberg and five floors with plenty of seating arrangements. Students can be found hovering over their laptops on the steps to the lower level or on booths on the fourth floor. The building is not known for being the quietest area to study, but for those who enjoy a more active environment, this just might be it.

“Finals week of last semester, I studied in New Annenberg every single day for like 8 hours,” said Virginia Richardson, a sophomore majoring in acting for the stage, screen and new media. “For some reason, it just has the best vibe. It’s open, but it’s modern. I love the screen on the TV. Sometimes people watch soccer in there, and you’ll just hear screams every 30 minutes.”

Olivia Li,  a sophomore studying computer engineering and computer science, enjoys the Annenberg Digital Lounge as a quiet alternative to the typical hustle and bustle of the building.

“It’s a very quiet study spot, just like Doheny,” said Li. “[It] really gives you the study vibe.”

Old Annenberg

The Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism building, typically referred as “Old Annenberg,” carries a completely opposite atmosphere than “New Annenberg.”

“I like it because I feel like it’s pretty quiet, and they’re not spots that people are crowding all the time,” said Sam Nicholson, a senior studying music industry. “It feels a little secluded so I can focus better.”

Few people are usually found there, making it a perfect place to study without many distractions. Tables are located in the east and west wing, and an outdoor patio can be found on the second floor.

Minjee Park, a senior American studies and ethnicity major, enjoys studying in a spot in “Old Annenberg” that many USC students might be unaware of.

“My favorite study spot is that pit, right next to the old Annenberg building with the tables,” said Park. “I really like that place because it’s a little more secluded because I don’t see a lot of people come by that area.”

CPA Classrooms

Some students prefer study areas with absolute privacy. Barivure Yorka, a sophomore studying health promotion and disease promotion, describes how she uses the classrooms in the Center for International and Public Affairs to her full advantage.

“There’s usually always an empty room I could just go into,” said Yorka. “You can also connect your laptops or digital device to their screens in there. I like to just watch shows, maybe to distract me or also just to play Spotify on a bigger screen.”

The CPA classrooms are the place to go for students who want to be by themselves but still feel like they are on campus studying rather than in their bedrooms. They serve as a perfect study room until ITS kicks you out.

Ministry of Coffee

Right off the USC Village in the Caruso Center is an indoor and outdoor study spot called the Ministry of Coffee. Students can enjoy the area for a multitude of reasons.

“It’s like, really, funky,” said Richardson. “All the decorations are really cute. They have really good coffee and tea, and it’s just a vibe.”

Honorable Mentions

A few other hidden gems that students touched upon were the House Library of Philosophy and Jack and Jill Fertitta Cafe.

“My favorite study spot is this little area outside the philosophy library and it kind of looks like a Harry Potter garden,” said Carlos Gonzalez, a freshman majoring in astrophysics. .

“Fertitta is probably the nicest building on campus, in my opinion, so it’s pretty self-explanatory, plus they have a cafe,” said Orlowski.