USG plans free shuttle service to LAX

The free ride from LAX to USC and back is expected to arrive by fall break.

[Cars rushing through LAX. Blurry red lines give visual of movement.]

USC students could get a free ride to LAX by the fall break under a new plan unveiled by the student government.

USG has $63,000 in approved funds for a pilot program of a shuttle service from campus to LAX, according to President Hannah Woodworth. Their next steps include working on rental shuttle contracts with pre-approved USC vendors.

“Have any of you ever had Ubers that were more expensive than your flights?” Woodworth asked during a meeting on Aug. 30. This new initiative could make travel days more affordable and sustainable, she said.

Many students are thrilled about the idea of a free student shuttle. Barrett Fuller, a senior international relations student, is sad that the service hasn’t been made available sooner.

“I love the idea for everyone else,” he said. “Uber is too expensive.”

Students will be able to sign up for the shuttle using an Eventbrite link once USG is certain the program will be operational, Woodworth said.

The idea for the shuttle came from Carlo Di Bernardo, a fifth-year graduate student, who approached USG after working for two years with professors on an algorithm to determine the exact student need for the program.

“He did all the back-end research,” said Woodworth. “It is a completely data-driven approach.”