USG urges USC to extend Pass/No Pass deadline

The senate passed a resolution Thursday asking the Office of the Provost to reconsider their previous ruling not to extend the deadline.

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USC’s undergraduate student government passed a resolution in support of extending the Pass/No Pass deadline and the withdrawal deadline to the last day of classes.

In response to the university’s statement Wednesday that USC won’t extend the Pass/No Pass deadline any further, USG called an emergency senate meeting to argue in favor of the extension.

Victor Ye, one of the senators who authored the resolution, said the health and well-being of students was one of the main reasons he wanted to move forward with writing it.

“This is still considered a COVID semester,” Ye said. “Regardless if students are out and about, wearing a mask or not wearing masks, this is still a COVID semester.”

The resolution cites seven reasons senators are asking the university to extend the deadline, including the delayed start to the semester, the lack of hybrid options for some students, a disadvantage for spring admit students and a petition that has gained over 1,600 signatures so far.

According to a statement by the USC Office of the Provost to Annenberg Media Wednesday, USC would not be extending the deadline “in the interest of equity for all students.”

USG senator Aidan Feigherty argued during the meeting that COVID-19 is still a significant factor influencing students’ grades.

“These disparities that we see between the reality on campus and this story that is being pushed that, you know, COVID is over and it stops affecting students,” Feigherty said. “We can’t just move on as if it didn’t.”

At the time of publication, USC had not released any further statements on the deadline for Pass/No Pass.