Students, professors discuss popular classes to consider next semester

Pick the perfect in-demand class before you accept your degree.

Students in yoga poses.

With registration kicking off for the upcoming fall 2022 semester, some students face difficulty when choosing electives.

Here are some top selections for unique classes to take before graduating from USC.

JOUR-380: Sports, Business and Media in Today’s Society

This class offers a look into the relationship between sports and the media through analysis of sports coverage in newspapers, magazines, radio and television. The class has been taught by Professor Jeff Fellenzer, who is experienced in sports management, media and entrepreneurship, since 1999. Each semester, Fellenzer’s class features a variety of guest speakers ranging from agents to athletes, including many former USC football players, who are knowledgeable about the business side of sports.

“I’ve always tried to shape it with as many life lessons and inspiring stories as possible,” Fellenzer said. “I feel blessed to have a strong network of really extraordinary people in sports and I really want to share that network with as many [students] as I can… All of the people that I bring into the class are always willing to pay it forward to help where they can.”

BAEP-470: The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Taking a Leap

Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship David Belasco created this course in 2010 for students to learn the process of developing a “healthy, high-performing mindset.” The course is applicable for all majors and it seats over 250 students. Presented in a talk-show format, the class was described by Belasco as “Oprah for business,” and provides skills to train your mindset to excel in your career and relationships.

“I think you have to take my class,” Belasco said. “It’s an event. You’re going to get a curated experience on how to live a better life, how to flourish and how to thrive in every part of your life from your career to your relationships.”

Some high-profile guest speakers who have visited the class in past years include Mark Cuban, Jessica Alba, Cindy Crawford and Kobe Bryant. Interviews with guest speakers can be found on TheLeapTV Youtube channel.

PHED-120A: Yoga

This course provides students with foundational knowledge of breathing techniques, poses and meditations from classical yoga. In addition to developing strategies for relaxation and stress management, students learn basic anatomy to improve their body alignment and increase muscle flexibility and strength. The class is offered in both the fall and spring semesters with smaller class sections to provide a more individualized yoga experience.

As a double major in biological sciences and health and the human sciences, Michelle Garcia Vazquez added yoga to her schedule this semester to escape her hefty workload.

“It’s a really helpful practice to lower stress levels and be able to become more mindful and just manage our lives a lot easier,” Vasquez said.

Vasquez is currently taking yoga with Professor Salena Collins, but there are additional time slots available daily with instructors Steve Hsu, Clio Manuelian and Isabelle Pilliere Mazumdar.

THTR-290: Introduction to Medical Clowning

If you’re looking for an escape from the typical classroom, clowning with Zach Steele might be the class for you. The course, which is taught in the fall and spring semesters, explores the art of clowning in hospitals for the purpose of improving the well-being of those in need. Students build their imagination and improvisational skills while also learning unique and personalized ways to engage with an audience.

Sophomore theatre major Alec Mendez said it is his favorite class he has taken at USC.

“It has been so helpful in boosting my confidence and self-esteem as an actor and as a person in general,” Mendez said.

CTCS-466: Theatrical Film Symposium

Offered to students since 1960, this four-unit elective within the School of Cinematic Arts is open to all majors and gives students the opportunity to screen films before they come out in theaters. Each week, students engage in exclusive Q&A discussions with various actors, directors, writers, producers, editors and other influential members of the film industry.

Past guests include Clint Eastwood, Guillermo del Toro, JJ Abrams and the Russo brothers. The class is taught by renowned film critic and author, Leonard Maltin.

Visit the USC schedule of classes website to access the full list of fall 2022 classes.