Springfest is back

The student-run USC concert featured Dominic Fike and other performers at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Student band performs at Springfest.

USC students flooded into Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Saturday night, and it wasn’t for a football game.

For the first time since 2019, the USC Concerts Committee hosted Springfest, a live music event featuring various student performers and professional artists typically held after USC’s spring break.

Springfest is the third flagship event put on by the USC Concerts Committee in the 2021-22 school year, following the Welcome Back and Conquest concerts in the fall.

The event contained more than just music performances, as attendees had access to food trucks, arcade games, a beer garden and more.

Senior theatre major Daisy Tichenor expressed her excitement to see fellow students perform at the event.

“I think this was so great to give student performers such a massive stage to perform on and also do it in a way where people are so eager to go with so many opportunities for activities,” Tichenor said.

Euphoria star and “3 Nights” singer Dominic Fike headlined the event, with SG Lewis and Claire Rosinkranz also performing. Student artists also took the stage earlier in the day. Sumit Chandra, a junior majoring in arts, technology and the business of innovation and applied data science, was one of the performers.

“It was dope that the concerts committee could provide an opportunity for us like this,” Chandra said. “These are the biggest crowds we’ve ever performed in front of and exposure like this for people of our scale is extremely important.”

Kevin Lyman, associate professor of music industry, stressed the significance of shared music experiences.

“Music is in [everyone’s] heart. They’re going to have this emotional experience, and that’s why we gather together with like-minded people to see a show,” Lyman said. “We’re with like minded people that are all focused emotionally with that artist and that energy spills over to each other.”

With the pandemic halting many social opportunities in recent years, events such as Springfest provide students with a chance to reconnect with one another.

“I think there’s been a scarcity of events for people to go to this year,” Tichenor said. “I think people have a deep need to gather and celebrate and come together.”

Regina San Andres, a senior studying linguistics/cognitive science, recalled her experience at the last Springfest before the pandemic.

“Having free concerts at USC with cool artists felt like a dream when I first went my freshman year,” San Andres said. “Getting to go again reminded me how lucky I’ve been to be a student here.”