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USC students get ready for Spring Break

Spring Break begins this weekend and students are eager to travel and relax

After an eventful first half of the spring semester, spring break is less than a week away. From a fully online academic start, to mask mandates being lifted, USC has been through it all and this break is much needed.

Jason Carr, a freshmen spring admit studying business administration, discusses his plans for the break.

JASON CARR: For spring break I just plan on going home. I feel like it will be a good will be a nice opportunity just to reset and get all of the stress out of my system.

Freshmen Supriya Subramanian, an electrical engineering major, plans on staying on campus during break.

SUPRIYA SUBRAMANIAN: I’m definitely planning on staying back and hanging out with some of my local friends here possibly going to Universal, but we’ll see what happens.

Rachel Rosenblatt, a sophomore studying public policy, has plans to travel with other USC students.

RACHEL ROSENBLATT: I’m going to Hawaii with my roommates and very excited for it. We’re going for six days.

Students such as Au Chung, a freshmen studying political science, are eager for the break as they feel that it is a good opportunity to reset and catch up with off campus opportunities.

AU CHUNG: I’m excited to have a week of no school. I think this is a really well-placed break because I feel like a lot of internships and job opportunities for the summer are going to have their applications being due around this time. So I think it’ll be a good time to take a step away from school and more into my real life.

The indoor mask mandate and testing policy have been lifted, and for students who have been fully vaccinated and following COVID guidelines, they are eager for the opportunity to safely travel again.

ROSENBLATT: I feel pretty confident about it. We all are fully vaccinated plus boosters, and most of us have had COVID pretty recently. So I feel like given that we feel pretty comfortable

With midterms coming to an end, many have been feeling study fatigue these last few weeks. While grateful for the time off, some feel as if a break extension could be beneficial for peoples well being.

CHUNG: I feel like we should have spring break be like a good month. I feel like I need a month off. I need time off from not just school, but people and also myself.

Overall, self care time and stress relieving are crucial to maintaining a healthy student lifestyle, and across the board, this break is just what students need. No matter where you are going over break, make sure to stay safe and healthy, ready to kick off the second half of the semester on March 21st.

For Annenberg Media, I’m Yohanna Bauerdorf.