Match Volume

TheLAnd with Jeff Weiss

Match Volume’s Halee Anderson talks with Jeff Weiss about his new print magazine theLAnd and his life as a journalist, a writer and a hip-hop lover.

[One-sentence description of what this media is: "A photo of a vaccine site on USC campus" or "Gif of dancing banana". Important for accessibility/people who use screen readers.]

On this week’s episode of Match Volume, Contributor Halee Anderson interviews LA-based writer Jeff Weiss about his most recent endeavor, theLAnd, a gonzo-style print publication born out of the alt-right buyout of the LA Weekly. Weiss is an independent journalist and the founder of the longstanding music and culture blog Passion of the Weiss. In a wide-ranging discussion on alternative news, writers and their craft, and what inspires him, Weiss imparts some novel advice for aspiring writers and also trumpets this Saturday’s party in celebration of the latest edition of theLAnd. His latest story appears in the February issue of Los Angeles Magazine.