Student creates Instagram account to make space for self-expression through fashion

@UscFits has amassed over 700 followers just one month after launching.

A girl shows off her outfit consisting of lace tights, combat boots, layered tops and sleeves in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center.

Jasmin Young is on a mission with a simple goal: to photograph as many “cool” USC student outfits as she can.

The sophomore cinematic arts, film and television production major started the Instagram account @uscfits in late August to showcase the melting pot of styles that students wear on a daily basis. Isaiah Lenoue, also a sophomore cinematic arts, film and television production major, helps take photos for the page that gained over 700 followers in one month. The account is a space for students to express themselves through fashion.

Young said the inspiration behind the account was to give students a platform to show off their style. “When people are confident in what they’re wearing, I like to showcase that,” she said.

The account is comprised of photos captured during spontaneous encounters with stylish students on campus, as well as self-submissions for those feeling extra proud of their outfits.

Young said that capturing these students also influences what she wears.

“Everyday I meet people and take their photo, it inspires my personal fashion,” she said.

While @uscfits may be the first account of its kind dedicated to highlighting Trojan fashion, similar accounts have popped up on other college campuses, such as @BarnardOutfits and @NorthwesternGarb.

Those featured on USC’s page said the account gives students a chance to show off their threads, without only focusing on flashy brands.

“Accounts like @uscfits make fashion more accessible and take fashion away from just the big expensive designers that are so out of reach,” said Sunya Ahmed, a junior majoring in music industry. “They just allow people of any style to showcase their art.”

Students also expressed that the account encourages them to wear bold outfits that make them stand out in hopes of landing a spot on the page.

“Wear what you want, and don’t be afraid to wear something kind of out there because it’s fun and other people will support you,” said Adina Beck, a sophomore majoring in screenwriting.

Being featured on the page feels “validating,” said sophomore computer science major Helen Hu.

“I really like to use my appearance to express myself and my identity as a person,” Hu said. “But at the end of the day, it’s just cool and fun.”

Correction: A previous version of this story stated Isaiah Lenoue co-runs the Instagram page. Lenoue only takes photos for the account. Additionally, the prior version of the story said Young and Lenoue’s major is cinematic arts. It is cinematic arts, film and television production. The story was corrected and updated on Oct. 11.