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Survivor Jennifer Hough speaks out against Nicki Minaj, Kenneth Petty

The rap artist has been adamant on her stance regarding her husbands’ previous sexual assault case, but now daytime television talk show ‘The Real’ is giving us insight on the other side’s truth.

[Survivor Jennifer Hough shares her story on 'The Real.']

CW: The following story contains details of sexual assault.

Kenneth Petty, rap star Nicki Minaj’s husband and father to her child, was convicted of sexual assault in 1994. Jennifer Hough, the victim, has vocalized the harassment she has faced from Nicki Minaj throughout the years, but now she finally addressed the situation in a public setting.

On Wednesday, daytime television talk show “The Real” aired an intimate episode with the survivor Jennifer Hough and her lawyer Tyrone A. Blackburn, discussing the harassment she has faced throughout the years from Petty and Minaj.

Hough expressed to the hosts of “The Real” that she was “tired of being afraid.”.

During the interview she explained how Nicki Minaj contacted her to recant her story in order for her husband to be taken off of the sex offenders registry list. Although Hough respectfully declined, she was continuously harassed with monetary offers to persuade her to change her mind.

Hough told “The Real” an associate of Minaj and Petty came to her home and put $20,000 in her lap in exchange for silence. Hough declined the offer and soon after received a message from the associate.

“[I] should’ve taken the money because they are going to put that money on my head,” Hough said.

Hough currently has a harassment lawsuit against Minaj and a lawsuit against Minaj and Petty in the Eastern District of New York in August. The complaint against the couple includes witness intimidation, emotional distress, harassment, assault and battery.

Blackburn wrote in the filing that Minaj and Petty intimidated Hough, directly and indirectly, pressuring her to not speak about 1994 rape charges against Petty.

Host asked Hough what does she have to say to those who do not believe her;

“They have the right to their opinion, they have a right to their thoughts, but you don’t get to attack people because you don’t believe them.” Hough said.