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Dodger fans return to the stadium and reunite with friends to watch 2021 season

Dodger super fans have been super celebrating.

Now that baseball stadiums have been open, fans are back in the game.

After a year of shutdowns, sports stadiums in California are at least partially open now. And it happened just in time for the start of the 2021 baseball season. Dodger super fans have been super celebrating.

But over the last year, how were diehard Dodger fans able to keep their passions alive through the deadly pandemic?


With the recent opening of L.A. stadiums, some fans can hardly contain their excitement.

Able to walk back into Dodger stadium and actually watch a live game, one of the best feelings I’ve had in a long time. Almost tears, because like I said it’s been so long, way too long to be there, catch a game. The atmosphere was less people, but still, you could feel it, just everyone around was excited to see the boys in blue.

That was Francisco Huerta who was one of the 20% in attendance for the home opener. Although fans are excited to be back at Chavez Ravine, the looming threat of another shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic weighs heavily every game. Last year’s shutdown cut the season in half and moved the World Series games to Austin, Texas.

I wish we could’ve been there in the stadium watching the games. It was great to see but I mean, it’s just that feeling of being in the stadium and watching the Dodgers play. It’s one of the best feelings as a Dodger fan.

To many people in LA, the Dodgers mean more than baseball. The fans say the team brings communities together almost like a family.

This Dodger organization is built on fans. Nothing like Chavez Ravine packed with 56,000 fans, nothing better than that. And the culture and the diversity of Dodger Stadium has I mean, there’s nothing like it.

That was Michael Alejandro, a diehard Dodger fan in the San Fernando Valley. He is hosting block parties in his neighborhood to keep away from larger crowds at the stadium.

I am planning to have a rager at my house, with a whole, you know, 50 people as long as everyone has the vaccine. I’m perfectly happy for them to come over. But yes, I’m planning on having a block party for opening day and to watch the ring ceremony.

Fans, such as Dawn Vasquez, are looking forward to getting together at their local sports bar to watch Dodger games. Dawn started a Dodger Meetup group in 2017 to bring together fans in Orange County. She is already planning to start meeting with her group again once people are vaccinated.

I think we’ve all been missing connecting with others and I think baseball has always been an easy way to make those connections. Being able to watch games together makes this already tough time easier to get through and I’m glad we’re able to start getting back together again.

But fans like Francisco can’t wait to get back into the stadium, eat a Dodger dog and share a beer with their buddies.

Baseball’s here, it’s just excitement the whole time, you know? It feels like it’s going to get back to a regular season where that stadium is going to be filled. The plan is to see as many games as I can at Dodger stadium. It’s a whole different feel, it’s a way better feeling there than watching it on TV.