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I’ve Been Waitin’ (for Someone Like U): “Positions Deluxe” Review

Ariana Grande releases four bonus tracks, putting “Positions” back on the map.

LOS ANGELES (February 18) –- After nearly a decade of releasing music, Ariana Grande has made history with the drop of her first deluxe album. “Positions Deluxe” keeps things fun, flirty and casual, but that’s nothing that surprises Grande’s fanbase. With four new bonus songs, each clocking at around two minutes long, Grande adds a new dimension to “Positions.”

Someone like u (interlude)” is the perfect blend of R&B and synth pop with an added influence of classic jazz. It is a true interlude, announcing a new era within the album. Each track brings new qualities to the record while maintaining consistency with the original composition of the album. The repetitive melodies in “test drive” create a syncopated beat, like Grande’s collaboration with Doja Cat in “motive” from the original LP. It seems fitting that Grande cowrote “test drive” with close friend, Victoria Monet, since it is the kind of track that is reminiscent of dancing at the club with your best friends. Blasting it on full volume while driving down the freeway will have to do for now.

Since the beginning of her career, Grande’s love life has been no stranger to the front page of tabloids. On Instagram she stated that “sharing special, personal life things that make [you] happy on the internet can be truly traumatic,” explaining why she has refrained from sharing her relationship on the internet. In “worst behavior,” Grande writes about her private relationship with fiancé Dalton Gomez and the pair’s ability to keep their “phone, pics and postin’” out of the public eye. The drums drive its intense instrumentals which reflect Grande’s strong feelings towards Gomez.

In conjunction with “worst behavior,” Grande’s sweet ode to Gomez continues with her final track, “main thing.” Over the years, she has nailed the recipe for the perfect dreamy-head-in-the-clouds pop track. From the production to its love-buzzed lyrics, “main thing” is reminiscent of her previous albums, particularly her 2018 record, Sweetener. Although “main thing” is intricately produced, it doesn’t overpower Grande’s ability to convey genuine emotion through her delicate lyricism and strong vocals.

“Positions Deluxe” is living proof that Grande has grown into herself, fully embracing her identity. What may appear to some as a departure from her typical youthful lyricism, is Grande indulging in her thoughts and experiences as a 27-year-old woman. In “34+35 (Remix) (Ft. Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion)” she is joined by Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion to create a new life for the TikTok famous track. With lyrics such as “When I’m by myself, DIY like its YouTube,” the three female music icons stay candid throughout the track and refuse to shy away from their sexuality.

The music video for the remix was released February 11th, a week before the release of Grande’s deluxe album. The music video features Grande, Doja Cat, and Megan Thee Stallion sitting poolside, sipping champagne, and ordering room service. Although at first glance it seems trivial, Grande destigmatizes female sensuality, by freely dancing in lingerie and snacking on french fries in a hotel room with Doja and Meg.

Each bonus song offers a new take on Grande’s catharsis in expressing her sexuality and gives an already well received record a new twist. All four titles on “Positions Deluxe” are sure to make you excited to rediscover an album that you forgot you loved.