In the middle of this record low winter storm in Texas, Latinxs are making the best out of this situation by recurring to comedy showcasing what Latinxs are known for, having a smile on their faces during difficult times.

“Pues a jicarazos” is a common phrase used by Latinx parents to tell their children to use buckets as water containers if the showerhead isn’t working. A jicara is a cup or bowl made from the fruit of the calabash tree and used to scoop water to rinse oneself. That is exactly what some Tiktok users are shown doing after water and heat failures continue in Texas.

“Nos vamos a bañar como en el rancho” says this tiktok user as it is known for Latinx parents to say this was the method they used to cleanse themselves when they lived in “el rancho” and to not be embarrassed by it.

As Texans experience power outages due to a strain on the state’s power grid many have no other way to heat their food but by using old school methods and being resourceful with what they have.

“Derritiendo nieve para sobrevivir”

If one thing is known of many Latinx households is that las tortillas and caldo are a must-haves when it comes to food.

“How am I supposed to calentar mi caldo?”

“Ahora es tiempo de las tortillas.”


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If you or a loved one is in Texas, you can receive community resources and warming centers in your area by calling the 24-hour free helpline at 877-541-7905 or 211.