Diving Into Genie, The App That Alleviates Your Financial Stress

Episode 1: Enzo Coglitore shares his entrepreneurial journey about what it’s like to create his start-up.

Welcome to The Strive! A podcast that dives into the stages of what it’s like to build a startup. By interviewing current students who are in the process of developing their own business, aspiring entrepreneurs can gain insight and advice from their peers.

In this episode of Strive, Enzo Coglitore shares his experience about starting his own business, Genie, an app that helps graduate and undergraduate students pay off their student loans. This app helps students transition from a codependent financial standing to gaining financial autonomy.

Enzo Coglitore is a USC sophomore studying business. He is currently a part of Troy Labs, a student-run platform that provides resources and mentorships to start-ups. Enzo will release his app sometime in the beginning of December 2020.