USC Provost announces pass/no pass option for the spring semester, five personal wellness days

In preparation for the upcoming spring semester, USC Provost Charles Zukoski announced new grading options and personal wellness days in a university-wide email.

A university-wide email sent out by USC Provost Charles Zukoski gave out details about the pass/no pass options for the spring semester as well as information on personal wellness days.

Students can choose a pass/no pass grading option for the spring semester until April 30,  Zukoski’s email read. However, USC allows a maximum of 24 units for undergraduates to avail of this option.

The email also stated that students would have five personal wellness days spread across the semester.

A previous memo dated Oct. 14 said that there would be no spring recess. Zukoski clarified that these wellness days were added as compensation for the removal of spring break; they are scheduled to take place on March 12, 23 and April 7, 22 and 30.

“A wellness day is a day on which there will be no classes and no classwork expected of students. Students are encouraged to use this time to rest, exercise, and connect with friends and family,” Zukoski wrote in the email.

According to Vice President for Enrollment Management Kedra Ishop, these wellness days are intended to provide faculty and students with a day to take a breath and relax.

“One big thing, of course, to remember is that it’s the same similar five days that we would have had for spring break spread out differently, organized a little bit differently,” Ishop said.

The email stated the university was continuing to work with L.A. County Public Health authorities but gave no further updates about spring semester plans.