Creative Halloween costumes by USC students

Need for safety precautions on Halloween leads to innovative costumes from students.

While safety measures have been placed to limit the spread of coronavirus, many USC students around campus are finding creative ways to enjoy Halloween.

Dressing up is a staple of Halloween and also a safe way to get into the spirit. In fact, Los Angeles public health guidelines encourage people to wear Halloween costumes to have virtual costume contests.

When curating costumes ideas, many look to pop culture. This year isn’t any different. Kaylea Danielian, a junior majoring in communications, was inspired by Kylie Jenner’s extravagant Versace dress from the 2019 Met Gala and decided she would recreate Jenner’s look for Halloween.

“I just wanted to do something fun and I wanted to do a costume with my roommate. We were trying to think of cool dynamic duos, and we’re thinking of Kylie and Kendall at the Met Gala wearing Versace,” Danielian said. “We thought their [out]fits would be so cool to recreate, and it’d be a fun project for Halloween.”

Olivia Ferro, a junior majoring in communications, teamed up with three other friends to do costumes inspired by a few different pop culture references. One of her friends wanted to be Benjamin Franklin after watching an episode of The Office, and after that, they decided to have a political theme. Just in time for the election!

“We are doing historical figures. Hannah is going to be Ben Franklin. And one of our other roommates, Jane, is going to be George Washington,” Ferro said. “And I am going to be a Secret Service agent with Julia Fay, another one of our roommates.”

Though the typical trick-or-treating and costume party aren’t recommended this year, people like Danielian are hoping to find ways to hang out with their friends in a safe way.

“There’s not the same parties and events that we could go to before, and it’s mostly just things with your roommates and quarantine group,” Danielian stated. “So, it is more fun to kind of go all out with your costumes and you’re only hanging out with your friends, so you can test new things without being crazy.”

Similarly, Ferro, isn’t sure what she will be doing this Halloween, but plans to make the most out of staying indoors with her friends and maintaining the spirit of the season.

“We’re not quite sure what we’re going to be doing. We could just be sitting on our couch as historical figures and Secret Service,” Ferro stated. “But we have hope that there will be something fun for us to do. COVID-friendly, obviously.”

The desire to keep traditions alive during the upcoming holiday season may stem from the fact that traditions can be a great stress-reliever. UConn Assistant Professor of Anthropology Dimitris Xygalatas conducted a study that found when one’s anxiety increases, they often fall back on repetitive, structured ritualized behavior.