When there isn’t a global pandemic, we record our shows in a soundproof studio in the Annenberg Media Center at USC. But right now we’re at home, recording in makeshift studios with blankets and wadded up towels to keep echoes down.

Partway into this we realized the best thing we could do wasn’t to report the news, but to record history. To paint audio portraits of our generation as we cope with our first major crisis. Our team scattered across the country when school shut down, and the stories we’ve gathered are the stories we’ll one day tell our kids and grandkids.

These are those stories.

This special broadcast was made by:

Isaiah Murtaugh: Managing Editor, Host

ZaZu Lippert: Managing Editor, Host

Aiyonna White: Managing Editor

Evan Jacoby: Sound Designer, Producer

Luke Scorziell: Special Project Producer

Jaeha “Joshua” Chang: Producer

Yuki Liang: Producer

Rebecca Katz: Producer