On Monday, March 9, Luke Scorziell was planning on going to a LA Kings game with friends. Things were still somewhat normal but by Thursday night his bags were packed and he was heading home from school almost two months early.

“My parents picked me up, handed me a mask, and drove home with me in the back seat with a little bedsheet separating us so that I wouldn’t breathe on them if I was sick,” said Scorziell.

Now, over a month later, he reflects on online classes and how he’s stayed positive during this uncertainty. A few weeks after getting home, he ventured out with his family to pick some oranges and grapefruits in Redlands, California. It was their first time out of their small town since mid-March.

He fills the rest of his time with virtual church, podcasting, Zoom, and basketball.

“I imagine the first time I get to see all my friends again will just be really cool,” said Scorziell. “But who knows when that will be.”

Music: “Be Still” by Hillsong Worship