The remaining teams of the HUE Invitational are on to the second half of playoffs today, Overwatch starting at 10 a.m. PST and League of Legends starting at 12 p.m. PST. Here are some of our observations after Day One.

League of Legends
Hue Invitational League of Legends playoff bracket
Hue Invitational League of Legends playoff bracket

The League of Legends side of the HUE invitational was eventful but unsurprisingly dominated by Maryville University’s A and B team. While they were not the only winners today as the tournament has yet to conclude, they have put up some of the most dominating performances of the tournament thus far. Additionally, in the Round of 16 elimination playoff round that took place today, there was only one upset where the #10 Columbia College took down the highly volatile #7 Boise State University.

During today’s matches, Caitlyn and Ashe had the highest presence in the tournament by far, either pulling bans on red side or and easy pick for any team that has a chance to get their hands on one of them as they are the strongest AD carries by far. In the same vein, Shen had a commanding presence this tournament in the top lane as the vanguard of safety that many teams in coordinated play appreciate more than anything else.

The most surprises in draft came from the jungle where champions that haven’t seen much in professional League of Legends made an appearance today, picks like Jarvan IV and Nidalee.

The tournament will conclude tomorrow starting with the quarterfinals. Make sure not to miss the finals scheduled for 7pm tomorrow which will be casted by famous LCS play-by-play caster, Clayton “CaptainFlowers” Raines.

Hue Invitational Overwatch playoff bracket
Hue Invitational Overwatch playoff bracket

Things are going just about as expected in the Overwatch bracket, though we predicted that UCLA would make it a bit farther in the tournament than they currently are. A strong performance in their Summer Invitational didn’t seem to translate well out East.

UT Dallas, the other foreseen powerhouse and runner up of the UCLA SI finals, is churning through their bracket at HUE. Unfortunately for them, they’re on the same side of the playoff bracket as the HU Storm squad out of Harrisburg, a team that haven’t lost a single map so far this tournament, and are staying true to their first seed status. The same goes to Maryville, also without a map loss, and are likely to meet Harrisburg in the finals, barring an upset from either Mizzou or Utah in the Semis.

Though both teams are now out, The Illinois Redhawks and Ohio Northern put on quite a show in round 3, both showing moments of brilliance during their six map odyssey of a series. We saw most of the highlights out of Reaper and Sombra respectively, though Joren “Dizian” Kirsis of Ohio Northern pulled out Junkrat with some success.

Players Vintage and React on the Redbirds were making play after play as well, utilizing well timed Death Blossoms and Pharah barrages to clear objectives and lock down choke points. The Redhawks eventually clinched the playoff spot with a dominating performance on Busan.

Sombra’s EMP seemed to be the catalyst for any push, and any team who wielded her ultimate effectively seemed to collapse on the enemy team with relative ease.

Day Two starts soon, will we see a complete Maryville sweep? Or will a noble challenger rise to the occasion.