Natalie Morales has been able to conduct interviews in three different languages by being half Puerto Rican and half Brazillian. She speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Her father Lieutenant Colonel Mario Morales Jr. is Puerto Rican and her mother Penelope is Brazilian. At one point in her life, Morales says she took a job in finance because she couldn’t get a job right away in journalism, but in her heart, she knew she wanted to be a journalist. Morales is an NBC news journalist and co-hostess for Access Hollywood. She continues to be an inspiration for aspiring Latino journalists.

Morales sat with the Dímelo team to discuss tips and to help guide journalists to reach their dreams.

1) Experience

"First and foremost it's all about experience and finding your place in the world. It really is having that vision, that passion. What is that you want to do? If you see that role out there and somebody doing it, it's approaching that person and saying 'what advice can you give me? How can I get there?' That's the first thing, starting to build a network and finding that position. Knowing that these are little steps that you are going to take in building a longterm career."

2) Giving 150 percent

“Throw yourself 150 percent into getting that first job and that first job will quickly become the second job and the second will become the third. Don’t ever allow yourself to plateau, always make sure that you are challenging yourself. Finding those things that frighten you and taking them head-on.”

3) Never giving up on your dream

“So often we tend to think that this is taking too long and I’m not really sure I’m ever going to get that job so maybe I should take another job in the meantime. It’s okay to take that other job in the meantime, but while you’re at it, don’t ever lose sight to what you want to do and where your heart really is.”

4) Being able to reinvent yourself

“Accepting the fact that in life sometimes positions change, jobs change, management changes and it’s being able to go with the flow. You have to be able to embrace whatever is going on around you and look at it as an opportunity rather than somebody standing in your way or closing the door on you. Instead, think of it another door opening somewhere else.”

5) Know who you are!

“At the end of the day now what you bring to the table. Too often we doubt ourselves so much, especially young people. You just have to know that if you’re a good person and if your head is screwed on straight and you’re really passionate about what it is you’re talking about or involved with and if it comes from a good place in your heart then you just have to hope that people out there will see that at the end of the day. Don’t forget who you are, be yourself!”