Three nominating contests were held on Tuesday. Republicans and Democrats voted in primaries in Arizona and caucused in Utah, while Idaho held its Democratic caucuses. (Texas Sen. Ted Cruz won Idaho's Republican primary on March 8.)

Of the Tuesday contests, Arizona was the most important state for gaining delegates. In the Democratic primary, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won, and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump won the Republican primary. Clinton won a total of 49 delegates, while Trump scored all 58 of Arizona's Republican delegates.

In Utah, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders emerged victorious, while Texas Sen. Ted Cruz beat his Republican opposition. With his win, Cruz swept Utah's 40 delegates. Sanders also won the Democratic caucuses in Idaho by receiving 78 percent of the vote with all precincts reporting.

Even though Sanders won two states on Tuesday, winning Arizona was important for Clinton to maintain her lead over her opponent. The win also solidified Democratic support of Clinton in the state, as voters in 2008 chose Clinton over current President Barack Obama.

On the other side of the aisle, Republican eyes turn to Wisconsin to see if Trump will win there, improving his likelihood of becoming the Republican presidential nominee.

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