Zach Rodham is just like any student here in the University of Southern California. But unlike his most of his classmates, he's got a unique stake in the 2016 election. Hillary Rodham Clinton is his aunt.

Zach came by the studios today to share his experiences with Clinton as an inspiring aunt and to talk about his opinions about her as a presidential candidate.

As an academically minded aunt, Hillary has helped Zach by paying for his education. He also mentioned that during his grandmother's funeral, Hillary helped him gather enough courage to deliver a eulogy in front of 300 people.

"Through what I've seen in our interactions outside of politics, I can just tell she would be a great leader and without a doubt the best person for the job", he said.

Rodham also warned millennials against becoming overexcited by great promises, advising that they should instead choose the candidate who would build upon the progress made in the past eight years through the Obama administration.

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