A “Very Laufey Day” in Los Angeles

The 24-year-old jazz musician provided a fun day of activities for her fans and made a surprise appearance in L.A.

Photo of a crowd sitting in front of a park stage with a singer and guitar

Icelandic-Chinese jazz singer-songwriter Laufey surprised fans by performing at Pan Pacific Park last Sunday, September 10th.

Laufey’s second studio album, “Bewitched”, released two days prior on Friday, September 8, and set the record for the biggest jazz debut in Spotify history. Her fans, nicknamed “Lauvers”, were given an itinerary of activities to participate in around their cities and towns throughout the day and were encouraged to post their adventures on social media with the hashtag “#AVeryLaufeyDay.”

The initial itinerary had a variety of activities so people worldwide could join in. The introspective activities had fans walk around their cities and towns and had strong ties to songs on “Bewitched.” Fans were encouraged to leave a letter to their 13-year-old self in a copy of their favorite book at a bookstore referencing Laufey’s song, “A Letter To My 13 Year Old Self” and write a promise to their future selves about their hopes and dreams referencing Laufey’s song “Promise” as well as “Dreamer.”

Photo of a woman next to a man in front of a booth with clothes

Sophomore Arrianah Galvan celebrated in #AVeryLaufeyDay with her friends months after a special interaction she had with Laufey online.

“I actually choreographed a lyrical dance piece to her song ‘Night Light’ for last year’s Troy Phi PACN and posted a snippet on TikTok and she commented on it,” Galvan said. “I was really happy she saw it because the lyrics really spoke to me. It’s so cool to see how much she’s grown in the music industry too since I started listening to her music, and I think she really deserves all the love she’s getting for it.”

Certain cities were given special itineraries with specific locations to visit throughout the day. Los Angeles Lauvers were instructed to visit locations around West Hollywood, including Carrera Cafe, Book Soup, and Melrose Trading Post, where Laufey did a surprise meet-and-greet at a merchandising stand. #AVeryLaufeyDay ended at the Pan Pacific Park where Laufey performed new songs off of “Bewitched” for hundreds of fans. Senior Jessica Labrador called the free concert experience “magical” and was grateful to see Laufey with several other fans.

“It was amazing to see how she has grown so much as an artist and to see how she was able to unite fans all over the world in a global event to honor her new album.” Labrador said.

Photo of a person at a booth signing vinyl records for people in line

Laufey’s Pan Pacific Park performance marked the live debut for several songs off of “Bewitched.” Fellow Lauver and Junior Abbe Pingol said he saw the concert as a full-circle moment after beginning to listen to her music in the last few months of 2022.

“I gravitate towards music that I can sing to and that has distinct melodies, so getting to yell out the lyrics and melody felt so fulfilling during the performance,” Pingol said.

Galvan said that the park performance was the clear highlight of the day and viewed #AVeryLaufeyDay as a rousing success for Laufey fans worldwide.

“All the Lauvers were singing along,” Galvan said. “My friends and I were crying or almost cried to ‘Letter to My 13-Year-Old Self,’ it was so unforgettable. I think it was super inspiring to hear her sing live and it was fun to go on a little girl’s day. I love going to cafes, listening to music, and taking cute pictures with my friends, so it was the perfect way to spend my Sunday afternoon.”

This past weekend, Laufey made a second appearance in LA performing with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. She previously collaborated with the LA Phil on “California and Me”, another song on “Bewitched”. She is also performing November 17-19 in LA as a part of her world tour.