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USC students share reactions to NASA’s UFO report

NASA released its UAP report today where it shared its belief in whether or not UFOs and aliens exist. USC students pitch in with their own opinions.

photo of three plastic green aliens

You might recognize those clicks from the film “Predator.” The iconic alien bounty hunter is just fiction... right?

The release of the UAP Report comes during a recent surge of news relating to extraterrestrial life. This summer Congress hosted hearings on UFOs, and earlier this week, Mexico’s Congress examined supposed alien corpses. Today’s NASA report says they don’t have information to verify that UFOs exist. But what do USC students think?

Marcus Partida is a freshman studying human biology. He is solidly against the idea that NASA’s report is accurate.

Marcus Partida: I don’t really think that it is telling the truth. I think that there is some sort of life form. I don’t think it’s like that green alien or like gray alien thing that we usually think of. But I think there is some sort of like maybe microbial or bacteria-like alien life form that’s out there.

But philosophy major Jiamin Cheng isn’t so sure.

Jiamin Cheng: For now, because we have a limited information, it doesn’t really impact us. But if they decided to reveal more, I think definitely they’re going to make a change about everything.

And for senior Anusha Vadlamani, who is majoring in business administration, you have to see both sides of the issue.

Anusha Vadlamani: I think that NASA has a duty to inform the public, but at the same time, they have a duty to make sure that we’re not panicking, especially about things that we might not understand. So I think there’s definitely some truth to the report, but I do think that there’s some things they can’t tell us.

From UFOs to aliens, USC students may remain skeptical, but the existence of alien life somewhere out there is still up in the air in the minds of many students.

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For Annenberg Media, I’m Dana Shearer.