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USC students make their mark at the career fair

We spoke to students and employers about their experience at the fair, and how to be a successful applicant.

Photo of a large banner saying "Career Fair"

USC’s career center held their annual fall career fair earlier today, hosting over 150 employers. Beginning bright and early at 10 a.m., we spoke to a few students about their experience.

First year engineering grad student, Tolou Pharokhiphnah, is ready. She knows what she has to do.

Tolou Pharokhiphnah: Kind of practice your elevator pitch like not insanely because you don’t want to get stuck, but just like to be able to talk through the points that you want to say and look up any companies specifically that you’d want to talk to.

Among the companies, present was Lewis Management Corps, and it was staffed by USC Alum Jay Park. Park encourages students to explore as widely as they can.

Jay Park: I think it’s great that they come out and talk to these employees, whether or not they it’s maybe their specific field because there’s just a lot of options out there.

Park says, leave yourself open.

Park: Your skill sets, and your experiences really could be applied to, more field than you may think.

Zaria Calhum, a sophomore studying Business of Cinematic Arts, spent the night before the fair preparing.

Zaria Calhum: Yeah, I’ve had a list of questions kind of in the back of my head. Good questions to interview. Such as What’s your day to day look like? What experiences or skills are you looking for?

It seems like her preparation has paid off.

Calhum: I got ten resumes, that I printed out and I’m down to three. So, did some damage.

And with a little luck, soon she’ll be down to one and hearing back from employers.