After creating music for 46 years Los Temerarios announce retirement

The band will end their career with one last tour

Los Temerarios holding a Las Vegas plaque

Growing up, I used to wake up early on the weekend to my parents and grandparents blasting Spanish music in order to get ready to clean the house. A staple routine that many Latino children experience in their households. At the time, I often dreaded waking up like this, but once I got older I realized how amazing the music truly was. One of the classic bands my family would often play was Los Temerarios.

With a heartwarming blend of fond memories and hopeful excitement, there comes a changer in a momentous chapter in the realm of music. After 46 years, the group that for years made my weekend mornings more enjoyable will be ending their career.

Los Temerario originally started in Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico in 1977. The family band was started by two brothers, Adolfo Angel and Gustavo Angel, and their cousin Fernando Angel. Their father would rent out a room in their house to local music groups to store their instruments. At night the brothers would sneak into the room and make music with the instruments in the storage room, leading to them debuting as a duo at their local church.

At the beginning of their career, they went by Conjunto la Brisa, but in 1983 they debuted under the name of Los Temerarios with their first album called Los 14 Grandes Hits de Los Temerarios. They changed the vibe of their name, their original name Conjunto con la Brisa meant “along with the breeze” whereas Temerario means “someone who undertakes a dangerous action with courage and recklessness.”

Having gained extreme popularity, they signed their first deal with CBS Mexico. They noticed they weren’t growing as much, so they made a new deal with a Monterrey label named Disa.

The brothers subsequently established Ángel Records in San Antonio in 1990, where they unveiled their most iconic albums including “Mi Vida Eres Tu,” “Ven porque te necesito” and “Enamorado de Ti.” With a total of thirty-eight discographies throughout their whole career, the group was a trailblazer of the Grupera subgenre.

Los Temerarios the two brothers smiling side by side

Adolfo skillfully plays the keyboard, adding a melodic layer to their music, while Gustavo showcases his prowess on the guitar, weaving intricate harmonies. Fernando anchors the rhythm with the resonating bass notes, creating a solid foundation for the band’s sound. The two stepped into the spotlight as the main vocalists, delivering passionate lyrics and melodies, while Jonathan Amabilis and Carlos A. Cavazos contributed as percussionists.

Through the span of their music career, they have had great achievements which include two Grammy nominations, one Latin Grammy Award, an Excellence Award from Premio Lo Nuestro and another Lifetime Achievement Award from the Latin Billboard Music Awards.

In 2016, they got inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. The brothers even created their own record label back in 2008.

“At the beginning of our careers when we were looking for support from labels and executives, we weren’t well received,” Adolfo said in an interview with Billboard. “All we knew back then was that music was our life so we kept looking for options,” he said.

They first announced the start of their Hasta Siempre tour, which consists of thirty-one dates starting in September 2023, but on August 28, they announced their retirement via Instagram.

Bridget Batrez, a fan of the band, originally from Chicago said, “I’ve been listening to Los Temerarios since I was 9 years old because my mom would play their music very often. Now I’m 31 and I finally decided to go see them in person and I’m in love! It was so amazing listening to them and singing along to my most memorable songs. I honestly can’t wait to see them again!”

The farewell of Los Temerarios marks the end of an era, echoing through the generations of families who found joy and connection through their music. We carry with us the cherished memories of early weekend mornings filled with their melodies. This iconic group will soon say goodbye; let’s hold onto the heartwarming thought that even as they venture onto different paths, we can continue remembering and keeping their music alive by passing down their music to the generations to come.