Los Angeles

‘Igniting a brighter world’: LMU partners with LA Rams to launch new student initiatives

Rams players and staff will also receive educational opportunities through LMU courses in different areas of study.

Photo of Iggy the Lion, Rams COO Kevin Demoff, LMU President Timothy Law Snyder, and Rampage the Ram after the jersey swap

WESTCHESTER, Calif. – Loyola Marymount University and the Los Angeles Rams announced a partnership on Wednesday afternoon to provide new learning opportunities for both LMU students and Rams players and employees.

Kevin Demoff, Chief Operating Officer of the Rams, and Dr. Timothy Law Snyder, LMU President, marked the union of the two organizations at the “Wellness Wednesday” series on LMU’s campus. Both men were joined by Rampage the Ram and Iggy the Lion, as well as the LMU drum majors, Rams and LMU cheerleaders.

With this partnership, LMU students will have access to hands-on internship opportunities, tailored mentorships with Rams employees, and access to case studies. Rams players and employees will receive access to courses in entrepreneurship, real estate, and fiscal management through LMU.

“In partnering with the Rams we joined forces, not just with a championship team but with an outstanding organization whose success and impact have helped transform communities as has been the case with LMU,” said President Snyder.

Demoff says this partnership provides a new talent pool for the Rams organization hiring committees.

“We’ve done such an amazing job of cultivating so many people from local schools into our organization” said Demoff. There are “more USC grads I believe in our organization than any other school so [we want] the opportunity to go, diversify, find new talent in Loyola Marymount,” he said.

The Rams have strong diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, which President Snyder mentions as a commonality between the two organizations. He commends the Rams for having an equal number of men and women employees and mentions these DEI values as a key piece in their partnership.

The goal of this partnership is to not only provide students with new opportunities, but also to have the Rams organization provide a second home to LMU students: “Some day, we want you to think of SoFi Stadium as an extension of your campus, as an extension of your brand, as part of your house,” said Demoff.