USC sees uptick in COVID-19 cases

Daily COVID-19 cases rise gradually as students settle into the school year.

USC reported 57 new COVID-19 cases on-campus on Wednesday, raising the total number of new COVID-19 cases this week to 154, a high for the new school year.

According to USC COVID-19 statistics, the rise in new cases, ranging from students to faculty, started as early as August 23 with 16 cases reported and 24 reported the following day. Though, the second week of classes had almost twice as many positive cases, totaling 50 cases on August 28 and 47 on August 29.

USC reminds students to “stay at home from work/class if they’re experiencing symptoms” and to utilize the free antigen test kits located at USC bookstores, Engemann and Eric Cohen Student Health Centers and at the CSC desks in USC housing.

Visit to find updates on COVID-19 cases on-campus or email for further questions.