Danna Paola llega a Los Angeles

Una noche loca indeed. Danna Paola knows how to put on a show. From wardrobe to choreography to stage presence, Danna Paola is the Princess of Latin Pop.

Danna Paola performing on the XT4S1S Tour.

Danna Paola Rivera Munguía, more popularly known as Danna Paola, is a Mexican actress, singer, songwriter, and performer who gained prominence from a young age through her work in Mexican television.

Her career took off when she starred in the popular children’s telenovela “Amy, La Niña de la Mochila Azul” at the age of eight. Her talent and charm led her to feature in several successful telenovelas and television series, solidifying her status as a child star in Mexico. Over the years, she transitioned to more mature roles, such in “Atrévete a Soñar,” where she portrayed Patito, a timid “ugly duckling” lead who encounters teenage drama at a performing arts school, and later as Lu in Netflix’s hit show “Élite,” who we all know and love.

Paola decided to leave the acting world to pursue her music career more seriously in 2020. It was then that her following albums and singles attracted significant attention, developing from her child-star image into a mature and contemporary musician with a new sound.

Danna Paola’s music encompasses genres such as pop rock, R&B, and Latin pop. At 28 years of age, her powerful vocals and songwriting abilities have resonated with a wide audience from childhood into adulthood. Notable songs include “Mala Fama,” “Sodio,” and “Oye Pablo,” which showcased her ability to combine catchy tunes with meaningful storytelling. With her current grunge pop singles like “XT4S1S”, “1Trago”, and more recently, “Tenemos que hablar,” leading her growth among American audiences.

Earlier this year, Danna Paola embarked on the “XT4S1S Tour,” kicking off only in Mexico– where her fanbase is most prominent. During this tour, Danna Paola has been able to perform around the United States–making it her first USA tour– tackling California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Arizona, to name a few, in addition to a Canadian show in Toronto.

Watch the first Los Angeles performance captured by Dímelo editor, Jose Manuel.

Una noche loca indeed. Danna Paola knew how to put on a show. From wardrobe to choreography to stage presence, Danna Paola was present and radiant– a true pop sensation. Taking place at the YouTube theater, the XT4S1S tour showcased not only Danna Paola’s position as a vocal powerhouse but also her ability to connect with her audience on a deeply personal level. As an audience member, I felt the radiant energy of her music, charisma, and, of course, seductive style.

At the heart of the concert was Danna Paola’s musical brilliance. She effortlessly navigates between various musical genres, showcasing her range. The concert featured a mix of her recent hit singles, fan favorites anthems, and even a surprise guest on stage, Sofia Reyes, with whom she performs “tqum.” The tour setlist makes sure also to include iconic songs such as 2009′s El Primer Dia Sin Ti, which Danna Paola performs with a Pride flag, in support of her loyal LGBTQIA+ fans. Danna Paola’s performance spanned a spectrum of emotions, resonating with diverse audience members.

What truly set the concert apart was Danna Paola’s ability to establish a connection with her fans. Through candid conversations with the audience, she revealed her authentic self, sharing stories that resonated with many of us. Danna Paola’s genuine gratitude and humility were honest, creating a sense of unity that transcended the boundaries between artist and audience. Her concert is a shining example of the profound impact that live music can have on individuals and communities, solidifying Danna Paola’s legacy as a captivating performer and a true artist. The title of Latin Pop-Princess is rightfully hers.