My Cultura Podcast celebrates 2nd anniversary through a series of panels hosted by iHeartMedia

A USC Annenberg alumna co-hosted the event

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Latinx storytellers and creators from the iHeartMedia, My Cultura Podcast Network, celebrated their second anniversary representing Latinx culture.

On Aug. 17, music, laughter and applause filled the iHeartRadio Theater as Latinx personalities from the “Chiquis and Chill” and “The Super Secret Bestie Club” podcast spoke to a crowd of people. USC Annenberg alumna, Ariana “Diosa” Rodriguez, also co-hosted the event.

“My Cultura Podcast Network is important because they are elevating and funding our stories and voices,” Diosa said in an email. “I want to see more Latinx podcasters and journalists doing narrative podcasts and fiction podcasts!”

Rodriguez hosts “Locatora Radio,” a Los Angeles-based podcast, with her co-host Zoe “Mala” Muñoz. The two are known to analyze pop culture and interview artists. The pair started in 2016 and was bought by iHeartRadio to be a part of the My Cultura Podcast Network in 2022.

When attending USC Annenberg, Rodriguez wrote multiple articles for Dímelo and Annenberg Media, including pieces on Latinx Heritage Month, mass incarceration and an Op-Ed about her struggle between her Mexican and Peruvian roots.

“Locatora Radio” has reached 169 episodes and garnered over 25,000 followers on Instagram.

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The iHeartRadio, My Cultura Podcast Network, was created in 2021 and is meant to be a home where Latinx celebrities and social influencers can be found.

“The podcast network continues to offer a unique opportunity to learn from the experiences of prominent Latinx influencers and personalities who have broken barriers and shaped the cultural landscape,” said iHeartRadio in a statement.

Other guest speakers included Curly Velasquez and Maya Murillo from “The Super Secret Bestie Club,” along with Chiquis Rivera from “Chiquis and Chill.”

“My advice for Latinx Annenberg students is to take advantage of all the opportunities at the media center,” Diosa said. “It’s okay to be a beginner at something. Be consistent in what you do because you never know where it might take you.”

“Locatora Radio” will be hosting a virtual watch party for the premiere of the stream on Monday, Aug. 28. Tickets can be found here.