Our Lighthouse: Guiding youths through developing skills

“In the Making” is an East Los Angeles community resource center that helps young adults discover their passion and develop entrepreneurial skills. For many youths, it has become a beacon of inspiration in their lives.

Still from "Our Lighthouse", courtesy of LeeAnna Villareal

In the heart of East Los Angeles, a non-profit organization is transforming the lives of young adults in the community. “In the Making” is a community resource center that provides opportunities for young adults to discover their passion and develop the skills they need to succeed in life.

“In the Making” offers a variety of programs to help young adults find their path in life. These include job training and placement services, as well as classes in life skills such as financial management and team communication communication. The center also provides resources for entrepreneurship, such as mentorship and access to funding.

“Our Lighthouse” follows the stories of several young adults who have found success through “In the Making.”