Behind the artistry of food styling and vlogging

“Food Stylists: Beyond the Glaze” dives into the art and evolution of food styling in the era of social media.

Imagine doing make-up for a burger — spraying lettuce with water and painting the buns with oil so that they look absolutely fresh for the camera. This is the life of a food stylist.

“Food Stylists: Beyond the Glaze” explores the world of food styling and its evolution with social media and food blogging. A leading food stylist shares the meticulous craft and creativity that goes into creating the perfect image for advertising campaigns, cookbooks, and social media platforms.

Yet, food styling raises the question of the impact of social media on the way consumers perceive advertising. Do food stylists and brands have a responsibility to present an honest representation of their products? What is the line between showcasing styled food that looks absolutely delectable and “real” cooked food that is perhaps less appetizing to the eyes?