Therapy for Black Girls: exam season survival guide

Catching Up with Annenberg graduate Ellice Ellis and Her Role at Therapy for Black Girls for Mental Health Awareness Month

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Meet Ellice Ellis.

A senior producer at Therapy for Black Girls (TBG), a groundbreaking company focusing on mental health and wellness for Black women. Through its directory, podcast, and blog, TBG aims to be a resource for Black girls to learn how to care for their mental health.

Photo of Elice Ellis

Ellis, a USC graduate, started her journey as a Journalism major in Annenberg and obtained her bachelor’s in the spring of 2020, during the beginning of the pandemic. While some may have let that obstacle deter them from charging after their career goals, Ellis did not.

She used the Trojan network to connect with other USC graduates. Eventually, she landed a part-time job working for a non-profit as a content manager. But with a background in podcasting, she learned tools like Audition during her courses at USC. Then, with her networking skills, she landed the job of Senior Producer at the Therapy for Black Girls podcast.

In its third season, the Therapy for Black Girls podcast is hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed psychologist who incorporates pop culture into personal development and mental health conversations.

Knowing that USC students are gearing up for finals, Ellis curated a list of Therapy for Black Girls podcast episodes she produced that could help students get through the next couple of weeks and beyond.

These are her picks:

Session 222: How Horror Films Help Us Process Life

“I recommend that one because USC is a film school, and I think if you’re into film and especially the horror genre, that’s definitely a really cool one to unpack,” said Ellis.

Session 291: Getting Good with Money

“College is a great time to really start understanding your financial patterns and how to save better. It’s something I wish I did better,” said Ellis.”

Session 277: Cultivating Friends in Adulthood

“My friendships went through a lot of ebbs and flows in college, and I wish I was more attuned or more aware that would happen,” said Ellis. “You always hear that relationships change and friendships change, but very particularly in college. It’s very heartbreaking.”

And lastly, for my Black Trojans, Session 272: Navigating Academia as a Black Woman

“It’s about navigating academia as a Black woman. It’s more about people who are on a tenure track, but I think it’s really great to listen to as a student because USC is a really prestigious academic institution, and I do think there are a lot of challenges that are unique to Black women in academic spaces.”

For more information on Therapy for Black Girls, you can visit their website,, and their podcast at or on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and Stitcher. In addition, you can follow them on Instagram at @therapyforblackgirls. For more information on Ellis Elice, visit her website,