PHOTOS: Yaeji transcends all at the Novo

Korean-American musician Yaeji performed in LA last Thursday on her “With a Hammer Tour.”

Photo of a woman dancing in front of a microphone

Since quitting her graphic design job in 2017 to become a full-time musician, DJ and producer Yaeji has never looked back on creating her signature fluid, introspective tracks. Having moved frequently between New York City, Seoul and Atlanta as a young girl, she touches on themes of temporality and disconnection in her music, blending Korean and English to instill the same feelings of self-exploration in listeners beyond the blurred, rhythmic sound of her songs. She initially gained traction with upbeat house songs and continues to explore electronic styles such as the dance music consistent in her first album “With a Hammer,” released earlier this month.

Yaeji began her tour of the same name the day before “With a Hammer” dropped. Her concert in Los Angeles was highly anticipated, as her original tour list indicated both weekends of Coachella as her only Southern California stops. When Yaeji announced her additional show at The Novo, fans knew they were in for a night of good vibes and letting it all out on the dance floor.

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Before Yaeji left the stage, she thanked the L.A. crowd for re-energizing her as she continues her longest tour yet. She mentioned that L.A. had some of the best energy of the cities she has performed in and made a heart with her arms as she said goodbye to fans. Yaeji exited to the continuous cheers of the audience, marking the end of a moving and healing night of music.