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Seniors prepare for life after college

Soon-to-be graduates react to their time at USC coming to an end.

Photo of Latinx graduates

With the rapid arrival of USC’s graduation ceremony on May 12th, seniors are facing their last days as students. Moving forward into the network of Trojan alumni brings about a mix of emotions. Nostalgic, excited or panicked, these seniors are feeling it all. We took to the streets to hear what seniors are thinking at the close of their last semester.

Anaiancy Ramirez: I think I’ve grown a lot.

That was Anaiancy Ramirez. She is a doctorate pharmacy student. She has seen herself become a more confident person as she heads into the future.

Ramirez: If I go back four years ago, I felt really not confident, almost felt like I didn’t belong. But I feel like now I’m really proud of how far I’ve come. Honestly, I think it’s just going to get into the mindset that I’m no longer a student and I’m a fully reliable, liable pharmacist...people are going to be asking me questions instead of me going and asking my teachers questions.

Even with the burnout that comes around this time of year, these students are appreciating how much they’ve learned. Negar Hariri is a Pharmaceutical Student here at USC. She is also feeling reflective.

Negar Hariri: I learned a lot. I learned teamwork. Working with my peers, I learned how to focus. I had great mentors that I was able to able to learn from.

As exciting as graduation can be, the nerves still creep in for students who are experiencing their first time without such a set schedule. Bernifka Saint Jean is a business administration major. She recognizes the inevitable uncertainty.

Bernifka Saint Jean: I tend to be a very, like type A person, very scheduled. So I think having a lot of like, unscheduled time, as much as I want to have like, hobbies and everything like that, I think that’s going to be a little bit stressful trying to figure that out.

For all the seniors listening to our show today, we couldn’t be more excited for everything that lies in your future. Take your next steps with pride, the Trojan Family is watching in awe of the example your are setting for us all. As always, Fight On!

For Annenberg Media, I’m Maisy White.