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Rideshare and app-based delivery drivers rally against Prop. 22

Proposition 22 was on the ballot in 2020 and defined these workers as “independent contractors” rather than employees

Gag worker wearing a vest in protest of Proposition 22

If you have ever taken an Uber or ordered from Doordash, the chances are that you owe a lot to ride-share drivers. However, a 2020 proposition is threatening to take away these workers benefits, prompting protests from workers unions across the city. Logan Drone has more with this story.

Dozens of ride share and app-based delivery drivers gathered in Central Los Angeles this afternoon to protest against California’s Proposition 22.

Proposition 22 was signed three years ago and classified ride share and app-based workers as independent contractors rather than employees denying them of many crucial benefits like healthcare. Now, the workers are protesting to get back their rights and repeal the proposition.

Gig workers and members of SiTraRepa and SEIU shouted chants like “si se puede” and “this is what a democracy looks like” while peacefully protesting outside the Argentina Consulate.

Between chants, SiTraRepa member Emilse Icandri gave a passionate speech in Spanish about what the organization hopes to accomplish through their ongoing efforts.

ICANDRI: We’re here in the us, in L.A., where these major companies have their headquarters, their businesses. But it is also the heart, where thousands of workers are gathering to fight to have their unions. Examples of these incredible victories are our colleagues from Amazon, our colleagues from Starbucks, our colleagues of California Gig Workers Union. We know that if they were able to take down those giants, we can do it as well!

LAPD shut down the rally after 45 minutes, forcing protestors to put their hands in the air and leave the premise. While the rally got shut down early this afternoon, these protestors will surely continue their fight for better rights.

For Annenberg Media, I’m Logan Drone.