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Do college students really care about the Oscars?

The 95th Academy Awards are just around the corner. But are people still tuning in?

A photo of the stage with a human-sized Oscar award and the "Oscars 95" logo.

Finally, Hollywood’s biggest night is this weekend: The Oscars. But is the award ceremony still relevant? Cami Twomey asked USC students to get their perspective.

Hollywood’s biggest night of the year is coming up fast. The 95th annual Academy Awards are this Sunday so, I spoke with USC students to see if they will be watching and who they will be rooting for.

Nina Koh is a sophomore communications major and unsure if she will be watching the show.

KOH: I just personally, I mean, I would I guess I would watch it, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it. I would talk about it with friends and look at the results though.

Geryn Dizon, a freshman studying lifespan health, shares Koh’s lack of enthusiasm for the Oscars.

DIZON: I’m just not really into movies like that where I care about who wins a specific award. I realized over the years that I don’t watch that many movies.

Despite being a film major, senior Natalie Grace hasn’t had the time to catch up on all the Oscar Nominations this year.

GRACE: It’s actually kind of funny because you’re so busy making films at film school that you don’t have time to actually watch film or watch the Oscars for that matter.

On the other hand, some students are looking forward to rooting for their favorite films to take home the golden statuette.

Sophomore history major Katalina Velez is excited to watch the awards.

VELEZ: I really love “The Banshees of Inisherin,” I’m not going to lie. I know it’s not really seen as a frontrunner per se, but it’s just like a personal fave of mine. But also, I know “Everything Everywhere All at Once” is like a fan favorite, and I’m rooting for them as well. I think they deserve it. ] I think actually after last year, maybe they’ll be watching more because it was a major like cultural moment.

Velez is of course referring to the infamous Will Smith Oscar slap.

Christopher Smith, history and health and human sciences double major and senior says he will absolutely be watching the Oscars this year.

SMITH: I’m part of the “Tar” Hive. Let’s get all Lydia Tar content even though Lydia Tara as a character is quite complex, we love that. But also “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” I’m very happy that that seems like that’s going to do well. There’s definitely some good picks this year.

After #OscarsSoWhite, sophomore journalism student Vishu Reddy is excited to see Asian representation in the nominations this year.

REDDY: Definitely. “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” I’m super excited that a movie with a lot of Asian representation has gained a lot of nominations this year, and I’m really hoping it takes home best picture. Also in the best original song category, a South Indian movie was nominated and I really hope that wins because I’m South Indian and it’s crazy seeing that it’s been nominated for a Western awards ceremony.

The awards ceremony will be hosted by talk show host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel. Whether, you are a die hard movie buff or just watching in for the red carpet and Rihanna’s performance it looks like the 2023 Oscars will be an event you don’t want to miss.

For Annenberg Media, I’m Cami Twomey.