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June Ambrose, brings a new vibrant spirit to Instagram Feeds

As New York Fashion Week came to an end last week, Nia Cross explores how iconic fashion designer June Ambrose takes a unique approach in how she promotes her clothing

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A famed stylist that has turned her infamous hashtags into her way of life has caught the attention of thousands. The creative director and designer for Puma, June Ambrose, continues to use her carefree and wit spirit as a means of expression through short instagram reels while simultaneously preparing for New York Fashion Week 2023.

AMBROSE: People have to want to be around you. And you cannot discount how important spirit is and how important energy is. And how important you know the uniqueness of how you make a person feel.

During the start of the pandemic, June initially engaged her followers with fashion conversations through her instagram live show. But now after taking on a new position at Puma, she spends most of her time on social media posting short videos less than a minute long that show her trying on clothes starting from undergarments with a face paced edit, dancing on suitcases with heels, and pretending to runway walk on the streets of New York. Whether the word is an adjective or a verb, June is notorious for captioning her videos based on whatever best describes her mood for the day such as #MaverickMonday #Wine-upWednesday #SoberSaturday. Her vibrant hashtags set the tone for her creative videos and immediately capture a fun vibe.

AMBROSE: I’m feeling so so...pretty! HAHAHA

And make the viewer feel like it is okay to be themselves. As someone who is known for styling musical icons such as Missy Elliott and Jay-Z, it is evident that her authenticity continues to make room for her and inspires many beyond the realm of fashion. June has shown the world that authentic short videos matter when it comes to consuming fashion inspiration. She just takes it one day at a time in her #Juniverse.

For Annenberg Media, I’m Nia Cross.