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USC students share frustrations with new Shryft policy

Students call Shryft an ‘unsafe system.’

USC Student gets off a Lyft at the University Park Campus

If you have been on Sidechat, likely seen the word “Shryft” thrown around. Shryft stands for shared Lyft the new replacement to the free Lyft program. This change is quite the topic of controversy on USC campus, we spoke with students to get their opinions on the unpopular new change.

USC announced the rollout of shared Lyft rides that will replace the free Lyft program that was previously adopted due to Covid-19. Now instead of free access to single Lyft rides, students must used the shared ride feature within the Lyft zone. This change has prompted frustration from some students.

We spoke with USC student Gavin Duncan who shared his number one complaint with the new program.

GAVIN DUNCAN: There’s times I get places late at night and making three or four stops just isn’t convenient so I end up walking, which is not as safe.

Many students are frustrated with the possibility of longer wait times for Lyft rides and are concerned about the safety of walking or splitting up friend groups. Student Avery Girouard explained her fears with Shryft.

AVERY GIROUARD: From my personal experiences of using it, I’ve just ended up walking because it takes after 20 minutes, I’m like, I can’t wait anymore.

One controversial policy of Shryft is that passengers can only ride in pairs. Girouard said this is unsafe for students traveling in larger groups.

GIROUARD: I know a lot of friends who have been going to parties in groups of three, and so one of them is forced to get a separate lift, which is also extremely dangerous if they’re drunk or going, something’s going on just in emergencies. It’s it’s a very unsafe system.

Essence Reynolds thinks riding with strangers is just straight up uncomfortable.

ESSENCE REYNOLDS: I’ve actually been kind of avoiding it. I’ve only taken two of them, so, I mean, they weren’t like positive or negative. It was just kind of awkward. It was very awkward.

Reynold’s fears aren’t only about the potential for awkward social interactions. She also shared her worries about Covid-19 exposure

Essence Reynolds: And that also just like causes concern for other people getting in the Lyfts that you weren’t planning on being there.

Following the announcement of shared Lyft, a student petition opposing the change has gather nearly 7,500 signatures. It’s safe to say USC student are not stoked on Shryft. For Annenberg Media, I’m Cami Twomey.