Pathways to America: The diverse APISA experience

‘Pathways to America’ uncovers three stories of APISA immigrants maneuvering through America’s cultural barriers and political complexities by showcasing their craft and artistic expressions.

Being an immigrant is more than a country identity or a box to check; it uniquely carries complexity in one’s life journey. “Pathways to America” follows the immigration story of three individuals who brought their artistry to America and talk about what it means for them to preserve their identities in the face of significant cultural change and adaptation.

Hak Lonh, a chef from Cambodia sets up his new restaurant in the face of the pandemic to share his culture and cultivate an appreciation of this cuisine in Los Angeles. Jainil Mehta a dancer and student at USC, reconnects with his Indian dance heritage and embraces the Bollywood flavor in his journey in America. Shaghayegh Cyrous is an Iranian artist that finds refuge in America as she flees her country to discover a fresh breath of freedom to express herself through visual mediums.