PHOTOS: The Happy Return Performs at The Echo

San Diego-based indie alternative rock band The Happy Return performed at The Echo on November 12th with support from local bands artists Frat Mouse and Liz Becker.

The Happy Return performs in Los Angeles for the first time since the Fuck Finals Fest last April organized by 29th St. Productions, a USC student collective. Los Angeles was their last stop on their California tour, which began in Santa Ana this November. They performed tracks released throughout the last few years, including “Time Runs Out,” “Annabeth,” as well as their newest single “Sweaters.” LA-based artists Liz Becker and Frat Mouse opened for The Happy Return, marking the first time the bands collaborated.

Singer-songwriter and USC junior Liz Becker performs her newest release “Keep it Cool.” (Photo by Marissa Ding)
Frat Mouse performs their newest single "race." (Photo by Marissa Ding)
Guitarist and vocalist Truman Sinclair and drummer Ben Lopez perform "pisces." (Photo by Marissa Ding)
Bassist Griffin Meehan sings during a performance of Frat Mouse's hit single, "Grant Wasserstien." (Photo by Marissa Ding)
Singer-songwriter Davin Eagleston from The Happy Return greets the crowd. (Photo by Marissa Ding)
The Happy Return performs the song “Time Runs Out." (Photo by Marissa Ding)
The crowd waves their flashlights in rhythm as The Happy Return performs their songs. (Photo by Marissa Ding)
Davin Eagleston serenades the crowd while performing “Easy Peasy,” the band’s top-streamed single. (Photo by Marissa Ding)
Guitarist Gage Clisby looks off to the side of the stage during "Annabeth," a song which he wrote. (Photo by Marissa Ding)
The Happy Return wraps up the show with their track, "Lemonade." (Photo by Marissa Ding)